Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hours in a Day

Sometimes it seems as if there just aren't enough hours in a day. I would love to say that I get "x amount" of painting in every day, but working as a full time artist also means putting part time hours in at other jobs to help keep income rolling so that I can keep painting. I bring this up because recently I was asked 'how much time do you spend every day painting?' My answer can best be summed up with....'as much as I can get in....even if that means only 1 hour, I say make it a good hour! Typically, I like to spend a few morning hours in the studio, then have lunch, go for a walk, go back to the studio and paint away into early evening, unless I have to go to my part time gig, then I get cut short a few hours on the end. When I feel tired or that the juices aren't flowing, I try to journal, sketch, and work on my jewelry.' My hands are almost always moving and that helps keep the ideas flowing. Not every piece is going to be a brilliant and stunning masterpiece, but I like to see the evolution that happens from one piece to the next; that is very intriguing! And sometimes I hit upon a stroke of genius!

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