Tuesday, January 12, 2010

By the Light of Mars

I don't quite know how to describe it, but when the new year rolls around, I feel somehow different, as if the world around me is changing and I'm not quite ready to settle into it. I don't have a brainstorm of life altering ideas....and with my art, I like to keep that ball rolling from the year's end. Thankfully I've had a few custom requests to keep me busy on that end! So today, while I was preparing my papers and materials for one such request, I decided that I would create a piece that symbolized my current mood...one of floating, drifting, and moving in a direction to unknown changes and distant horizons. It's no surprise that I used this murky, yet fiery orange: one of my favorite colors to wear. However, while I was making this piece, I began to wander in the dreamy floating of these pods, that they began to take a journey to uncharted visions. Somewhere while getting lost, I realized that I felt like I should be on Mars, alone, searching for whatever it is that evokes that new year feeling.